Everything I’ve Learned About Promoting Causes on Social Media

A few quick tips I wish someone told me years ago

Kelsey Gilchrist
4 min readAug 11, 2020

Everything is terrible right now, but if there is one good thing happening, it’s that we are seeing more people engaging in social justice, especially online. And they’re taking concrete action. Across my social feeds, I’m seeing more people than ever asking their friends, family and colleagues to sign petitions, call their local representatives, attend protests, or make donations to a cause.

It’s encouraging to see people taking concrete, meaningful action at times like these, instead of stopping at a vaguely supportive social media post. Donations, calls, petitions, protests — these are the activities that catalyze change.

That said, for many people, this is their first time taking social action online. Just like anything else, it’s not a skill that you instantly pick up. You learn it over time.

It happens to be my specialty.

I’ve spent my early career promoting non-profit causes through digital channels. In so many ways, promoting social causes is tougher than traditional corporate marketing. You’re still trying to persuade the audience to act, but you need to do so in a way that honors the cause. It gets complicated.